Catherine B


IMG_4046Qui est Catherine B?

Catherine B est une experte Hermès et Chanel. A la tête depuis plus de vingt ans d’une boutique référence où l’on trouve des accessoires Hermès et Chanel de collection. Pièces rares, séries limitées, elle déniche l’introuvable et chasse la perle rare dans le monde entier. Régulièrement interviewée dans la presse mode et invitée sur les plateaux télévisés comme spécialiste des deux maisons, Catherine B est incontournable en ce qui concerne le vintage en France. Elle rayonne également à l’international où les plus grandes maisons lui font confiance pour organiser des expositions­ de foulards Hermès, sacs et accessoires introuvables. La dernière en date : les sacs Hermès chez Liberty où était exposé, entre autres, le tout premier Birkin ayant appartenu à Jane Birkin.

Who is Catherine B ?

Catherine B is an Hermès and Chanel expert. She has owned for over twenty years the go-to boutique for collector’s items from Chanel and Hermès. Rare items, limited editions, she unearths the unobtainable and hunts for rare gems worldwide.
Regularly interviewed by the fashion media as a specialist of both houses, Catherine B is the go-to person for vintage in France. She also shines internationally with the full trust of prestigious retailers to organise exceptional sale events of hard to find accessories. The last one to date: the Hermès handbags at Liberty of London where the first Birkin owned by Ms. Jane Birkin herself was showcased.


Because I want to offer you the best, I have selected over the years the most desirable and rare vintage pieces exclusively and uniquely from the Houses of Chanel and the House of Hermès. Passionate about vintage for over 20 years, even before vintage was fashionable, I have collected and assembled the best pieces of the biggest French brands.
Collectors from all over the world come to this address to find the perfect Kelly with a beautiful patina finish, a classic Birkin in a color or leather that has been discontinued, or a one-of-a-kind signature silk scarf.
Concerning the quality and authenticity of each piece, I personally guaranty your purchase as opposed to a consignment store. I buy every item in my collection. With a collection of around 1500 pieces, which have been selected with love and a commitment to quality and luxury thorough out time.
Each piece has a history that has been reinvented again and again, with items that simply cannot be matched! These pieces have traveled through time with their memories and stories attached, and are waiting for you to continue on with their story.
– Catherine B