What is more exciting than a store that only sells vintage Hermes and Chanel?…

…When that store has a sale!!!!

For the first time, Les Trois Marches will be holding a Vente Privée, a private sale, on Sunday, December 18, from 12h00 to close.

As a friend of ours, YOU are invited!!

Just in time for holiday shopping! With these prices, you’ll have the pleasure of saying yes more to the treasures with  . After all, in a season of glasses of champagne, cookies, cakes, and heavy comfort food, saying yes is the delicious option. Believe me, the goodies we have here will certainly make your mouth water. Assemble your team of shopping co-conspirators for this rare event.

With a sale like this, you’ll feel nicer about being a little, well, …naughty.

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